On December 1st, 2006, Designing Hope has created for World AIDS Day, a booklet of 24 condoms entitled ” One Month of Love “. This booklet also exists in a miniature version, called ” Une nuit d’amour” (One night of Love). The sale of these booklets enables the continuation of activities by Designing Hope in Southern Africa.




For World AIDS Day on December 1st, 2006, Ithemba and Designing Hope launched a booklet of 24 condoms entitled: “One Month Of Love”.

Condoms were packed in individual cases and illustrated with a selection of works by the 24 artists associated with the project ” Artist4Life ” – thus, supporting Designing Hope in its aim to fight against HIV and AIDS.

This casket provides an original form of communication on condom packs, the only way to protect oneself from the HIV-AIDS virus today.

The sale of every booklet helps to finance the campaign “I Love You Positive or Negative” in Africa as well as provide the free distribution of condoms, packed in creatively packaged cases, illustrated by artists with messages from African personnalities.



The launch of this project, together with the support of “FNAC” stores and other local partners, enabled Designing Hope to finance the first phase of its national awareness campaign in Southern Africa.

In 2007, Designing Hope was able to distribute 800 000 condoms for free, in South Africa and Swaziland through this project.

This distribution took place on 3 sites in Southern Africa: Kwazulu-Natal, Western-Cape and North Province as well as in Swaziland in partnership with the Health Ministry, the Belgian Cooperation and the Foundation “Secure the Future”.

The success of this event will make it possible for the campaign to expand into other provinces and for the association to renew its distribution of free condoms in South Africa and Swaziland.