Condoms distribution and Youth prevention in Burkina Faso

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In partnership with NGO Laafi, Designing Hope has launched an HIV prevention for youth in Koudougou.

(Burkina Faso). With the contribution of artists, young people are invited to participate actively in the development of prevention campaigns on attractive media.



Designing Hope has launched a HIV prevention project for the youth of Koudougou.
Young people have been invited to participate actively in the development of this campaign, to speak on the topics, and create messages using:

Messages have been translated into Moore and French.

With the collaboration of the artist “Anol”, messages have been interpreted and painted on metal panels.

Above, examples of photos taken for the campaign, and painted panels for prevention welded by Laafi members.


The prevention panels designed and painted by the youth are distributed in rural areas but are also available at Laafi centre and in the center of Koudougou on the occasion of national celebrations on December 11.


Condom Packing – Illustrated panels painted for the prevention in villages



These images were also reproduced on the packaging of condoms that are distributed at cultural events of the city of Koudougou: Comedy Festival, “Atypical Nights”, National festivities ….

Condoms are packaged in “Village Laafi” by groups of women in vulnerable situations. This activity gives them a small income and also encourages them to educate their communities.